Wireless Networking in Windows 2012

Wireless Networking

Out of the box, Windows Server 2012 doesn’t support Wireless LAN. In the following steps, we will install support for connecting to wireless networks.

  1. Start the Server Manager and click the Add roles and features link in the Welcome Tile. If you already closed the Welcome Tile, make it visible again via the View menu or in the left panel navigate to Local Server, then in the right panel scroll all the way down to ROLES AND FEATURES, click the TASKS dropdown and choose Add Roles and Features.

  1. Skip the information page by clicking Next.

  1. Select Role-based or feature-based installation as installation type and click Next.

  1. We want to install the Wireless LAN Service feature on the local server which is also selected by default so choose Next.

  1. The Wireless LAN Service feature is not a Server Role, so skip the Server Roles page by clicking Next.

  1. At the Select Features page, scroll down and check the Wireless LAN Service checkbox. Now, click the Next button to proceed.

  1. At the confirmation page, optionally check the Restart the destination server automatically if required checkbox as the Wireless LAN Service feature requires a restart to complete. You can also manually restart the server after the wizard completed. Click the Install button to start the installation.

  1. After the installation has completed, your system will automatically restart if you checked the checkbox at step 7. Otherwise you can close the wizard and restart the server manually. In case you don’t know yet what possibilities there are to restart Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012, read the essentials page.

  1. Wait while your computer finishes the installation and restarts.

  1. After logging in, move your mouse to the upper or lower right corner of the screen or press WindowsKey + C to open the Charms bar. Next click the Settings button, then click Network to view the networks in your neighborhood and connect to them.


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