vSpace installation on Ubuntu 12.04.1

Ubuntu Installation steps use

Clink here to Install New vSpace on Ubunut 12.04.2 / 10.04

Ubuntu Desktop CD 64-bit PC download link


While Installing Ubuntu make sure LAN Cable in unplug or disconnected

Dear Friends,

Install Ubuntu 12.04.1 with L300 series with version 1.6 and vSpace Server

  1. Ubuntu 12.04.1 (Kernel 3.2.0-29-generic) after installation run “sudo apt-get update” then reboot OS.
  2. Install vSpace Server after finish reboot OS. Then register.
  3. Go to L300 client then Login Settings and change Colors bit from 24bit to 16bit. I think no one don’t think about this.
  4. Create user. Follow the link for adding users (http://www.girishtech.com/adding-user-in-ubuntu/)
  5. Try to login from L300 and done

Note: Be carefully Ubuntu 12.04.2(Kernel 3.5.x.x) is got issues with blank screen on L300 login (I also got issues and after install gnome-session-fallback my Ubuntu also stuck with blank screen.) But after I re-install 12.04.1 is working fine, and no need to install another package.

Please follow step above.



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