Procedure for upgrading or downgrading L300 firmware using FTP Server

Procedure for upgrading or downgrading L300 firmware using FTP Server

This document describes how use FTP to downgrade L300 firmware.
You’ll need access to (or you can setup from scratch) a properly configured FTP server.

Please following link for creating FTP using Golden FTP Free version
Click here to install and configure FTP Server

Firmware Details

Please find the below link, it contains all firmware (1.5 / 1.7 / / and

Click Here to Download Firmware

L Series (L300) Firmware 1.5

L Series (L300) Firmware 1.7

L Series (L250 / L300 / 350) Firmware 1.11.17

Latest L Series (L250 / L300 / 350) Firmware

Latest M Series (M300 / MX100) Firmware

Initiating FTP firmware updates from the L300 Graphical User Interface

Boot the L300 Device

To initiate a firmware update directly from the L300, click the L300 GUI’s “Device setup” button and select the “Update” tab. Below is a screen shot showing a typical L300 Update screen.

Perform the following five steps to launch an immediate FTP firmware update from the GUI:

  • “Update from a specified firmware file on an FTP server” AND fill the “FTP URL” For Example: – FTP:// . Type the IP Address of the FTP Server, directory, and specific firmware tar.gz filename.
  • Kept blank in User Name and Password Field
  • Click the “Update Now” button and then click “OK” on the follow-up confirmation box to verify that you want to save settings and perform the update.

  • Wait while the new firmware is downloaded and applied, and once the update is complete, the L300 will reboot itself. (See sequence of screen shots below)

Once the L300 reboot completes, click the “Device information” button.

The Device information screen verifies the update was successful by listing the firmware version currently installed in the L300.

It will show the new update Firmware version



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