NComputing as release new vSpace for Ubuntu

NComputing as release new vSpace for Ubuntu, so thought to share the experience and installation steps.

Hello Friends,

NComputing has released new vSpace for Ubuntu, all of us waited for long time. anyways let start.

Key features of new vSpace
1) They claimed that it will support up to 30 users, so I personally have tested whether 30 users will work or not, so Yes it working fine with CPU i7 with 16 GB RAM.
2) Support of M300: vSpace supports the M300 in addition to the previously supported L-series device models. vSpace servers running can host L-series and M-series devices simultaneously.
3) Compatibility with Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 LTS Desktop: This version of vSpace supports both 10.04 LTS Desktop and 12.04 LTS Desktop.
4) Firmware 1.6.3 for L-series: This firmware build for the L-series supports the latest vSpace for Ubuntu ( and vSpace for Windows ( environments.

The entire installation procedure (Ubuntu & vSpace )took me around 45 minutes.
Have done testing on  L300 (30 users) with below configuration and working fine.

Server Configuration:
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz
RAM: 16 GB
HDD: 500 GB Sata
LAN: 1 gbps

Please find the below Ubuntu release link which will working along with this version. Base on you requirement please select and download.

Ubuntu 10.04.4

Ubuntu 10.04.4 Desktop 64 bit
Ubuntu 10.04.4 Desktop 32 bit

Ubuntu 12.04.2
Ubuntu 12.04.2 Desktop 64 bit
Uubuntu-12.04.2 Desktop 32 bit

New vSpace can be download from below link
NComputing Software Downloads

While Installing Ubuntu make sure LAN Cable in unplug or disconnected

Dear All,
Install Ubuntu 10.04.4 / 12.04.2 with L300 series with version 1.6 and vSpace Server

1)    Install Ubuntu 12.04.2 (Kernel 3.5.0-23-generic) and Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS (Kernel 2.6.32-29-generic).
2) To Check Kernel version type “uname –r” without quotes.
3)    Install vSpace Server (During installation internet connection is required) after finish reboot OS.
4)    Then register and reboot again
5)    Create user. Follow the link for adding users (Create User in Ubuntu)
6)    Try to login from L300 and done

Make sure the device L300 firmware is 1.7

Fixed in This Release:

The following known issues have been resolved with this release of vSpace Server for Linux:

System Shutdown via Remote Session

Non-admin/root users were previously able to shut down the host system via remote sessions. This has been resolved, and is no longer possible.

LDAP Authentication Not Possible

LDAP authentication was previously no possible due to a missing username field. This has been resolved.

F7 key Sending F9 Keystroke

The F7 key was previously sending an F9 keystroke. This has been resolved.

MAX 6.5 Automatic Updates

Automatic updates within MAX 6.5 are now disabled upon installing vSpace Server. This prevents the OS from becoming incompatible with vSpace due to automatic updates.

MAX 7 Automatic Updates

Automatic updates within MAX 7 are now disabled upon installing vSpace Server. This prevents the OS from becoming incompatible with vSpace due to automatic updates.

Ubuntu 10.04 Automatic Updates

Automatic updates within Ubuntu 10.04 are now disabled upon installing vSpace Server. This prevents the OS from becoming incompatible with vSpace due to automatic updates.

Ubuntu 12.04 Automatic Updates

Automatic updates within Ubuntu 12.04 are now disabled upon installing vSpace Server. This prevents the OS from becoming incompatible with vSpace due to automatic updates.

NC-Console Session Viewing

Previously, upon successfully viewing a session remotely via NC-Console, all subsequent attempts to view the session would fail. This has been resolved.

Auto Login Resets System Language to English

Previously, configuring Auto Login would cause the system language to switch to English. This has been resolved and enabling Auto Login should not affect the system language settings.


As there are some known issue as mention below:

1) Auto Logon Functionality Requires GDM
By default, Ubuntu 12.04 uses LightDM. This will work for all purposes except auto logon. To use Auto logon, you’ll need to switch from LDM to GDM (Gnome Display Manager). The link below provides steps for doing so:

2) Auto Connect Functionality
a) A known issue may prevent large numbers of terminals from auto connecting simultaneously (typically more than 10 at a time). This results in some of devices not receiving a Login screen.
b) This can be resolved by rebooting the device(s) in question.

3) Remote Session Viewing
The remote viewing feature in vSpace (used to remotely view active user sessions) may not work consistently. This is a known issue and should be resolved in a future build.

4) USB Device Enumeration
a) In some situations, typically after several hours of use when 20 or more USB devices are already connected and enumerated, additional USB devices may fail to enumerate properly.
b) This does not typically affect groups of 15 or fewer devices.
c) If this occurs, a host reboot restores USB enumeration.

5) USB Assignment Menu
The USB assignment menu is not supported in this build and as such the features in this menu have been disabled.

6) USB Storage Icon in Unity Bar
The icon in the Unity bar for USB storage devices I non-interactive. USB drives must be accessed through the file browser (Nautilus).

7) L230 USB Functionality
USB functionality is not supported for L230s. Deployments requiring USB functionality should utilize L300 and M300 access devices.




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    1. NComputing L300 do support Windows 8 Pro 64 bit / 10 Pro 64 bit and you need to buy proper licences of Microsoft. Now on vSpace Server, which is freely available from ncomputing downlaod site. vSpace Server is free with basic feature and you can go with Premium Feature (know as AMP)

      For more details on AMP please follow below link.

      For more details please follow below link.

  1. Hi Girish,

    This Yogesh here from shubhalakshmi Polyesters Limnited

    As per our telcon discusssio, you have asked me to install ubuntu ver 14.04, Kindly send us link for Vspace server for ubuntu ver 14.04



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